First days of new Kotava encyclopediaModifier

Hello. First of all, thank you and LangCom for the approval of the project and its definitive activation. I check the pages and it looks good to me. At the moment, there is just one thing that doesn't work: the drop-down collapsible lists. Compare for example the same article in the Incubator ( Vera Figner ) and here ( Vera Figner ): in the first case, the drop-down list is well accessible, while in the second, the "Show/Hide" button does not appear and therefore cannot be opened. Why can't it be opened? Could it be related to the local files MediaWiki:Common.js and MediaWiki:Common.css?
Otherwise, since the custom was to use the special words Category: (Loma: in Kotava) and File: (Iyeltak:), can we continue to use them by default or do we have to change them systematically from now on? Thank you. Nevatovol (prilaxo) 1 anyusteaksat 2020 à 08:02 (UTC)

Hi Nevatovol! I have replaced all instances of "NavFrame" with "mw-collapsible". NavFrame has not been a part of normal MediaWiki for almost 10 years, so it should not be used – it only worked on Incubator because someone put a special script in. A special script is not necessary, since collapsibility is part of the core MediaWiki code. You can read more about how to use it (there are many possibilities) on mw:Manual:Collapsible elements.
As for Category and File, what you use is up to you. When I imported the content, I replaced all instances of the English terms with the Kotava terms (where appropriate), but the English terms will always work regardless. Jon Harald Søby (prilaxo) 1 anyusteaksat 2020 à 12:53 (UTC)
Hi. Thank you for your editings. Perhaps you should prohibit in the Incubator the use of scripts that would not be compatible with Wikipedia?
It's good that the English reserved words can continue to work. Some people have certainly acquired customs that will take a long time to change. Thank you. Nevatovol (prilaxo) 1 anyusteaksat 2020 à 15:35 (UTC)